Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Six Month Review

Okay, boys and girls!

Today's 'review the month' and goals for July posts are just a little bit different than usual.

This month marks 6 months of me trying to make a go at being freelance/businesswoman/whatever I am sans day job.

I guess I can say it hasn't been a complete failure, but I can't say it's been a roaring success, either.

Let's examine.

Portrait Adoption has been wildly sucessful. I added 7 new artists today, and need to sit and do pay real soon for a big MO order than just came in and some other upkeep that it's been lacking this last week.

EMG the storefront has completely flopped since the webpage failure.

Print Services have been about steady - no real change.

Expenses saw an unheard of spike when my printer failed, followed by the decision to replace it with the 4000 and a backup 1280 became absolutely necessary following the broken printer debacle of 2005.

Commissions have been decidedly moderate... through PA they are good, but elsewise, definitely a lukewarm 'eh.' The ones I've had have been fun and fairly quickly finished with the exception of Angles, which I'm now GLAD I hadn't got further on, because there were REAL art supply stores in Colorado, and I now have decent, smooth surface watercolor paper to put it on, not just crappy bristol.

With the exception of the 100+ tangle in my inbox now, I've been keeping up with emails fairly well!

I added a big book project to my list of things to do... and have pretty much done it.

I finished the RWH tarot, after five years.

Artwise, I finished 16 portrait adoption pieces of various mediums, including two major watercolors and three full-digital pieces, a completely new medium for me, four of which have been adopted, one of which isn't up yet, and two of which are *supposed* to be adopted. Someday. Additionally, I finished one commission, did major work on another which was scrapped by the client (due to a blow up with the person the art was for, no fault of mine, and she paid!), did a book cover (in less than a week... still haven't been paid for this one...), designed an ornament and did an angel piece on commission in exchange for engraving services, finished coloring Uncovering Atlantis, inked a completely new piece for the Atlantis book, did a large poster design that didn't make the contest cut, did work on the big Angles piece, did a free character portrait for a Kaz contest, did five pieces for the RWH tarot deck, though really the 9 of pots doesn't count since I just drew 1 stupid pot and copied it over 9 times, and started a tattoo design. *whew* Okay, I guess that's not too shabby considering my major life gripe right now is not enough art time.

I wrote some 30k words on a novel. Which I WILL someday finish. Maybe this month.

I posted some 125 portrait adoption entries and added about thirty artists, I think. I took some steps to spread out my workload.

I added some 50 entries to the EMG website, sorted and selected from hundred and hundreds of submissions, broke the webpage, replaced the webpage with EMG Lite, and cussed a LOT.

I upgraded office equipment in a serious way, including a laminator, the Epson 4000, a new 1280, and some new products.

I went to my first trade show - representing myself and Fairy Court, not me and EMG. It was definitely a good learning experience. I shall do it again, I think.

I rough-designed a card game.

I learned how to make wings.

I learned to bake oatmeal walnut golden raisin cookies.

I spent more time with my wonderful husband than I've been able to the last three years put together.

I mailed artwork to my very first Con. (Okay, second Con... the first doesn't count, since I lost so much money on it and never got paid for the artshow. I paid the artists I showed out of my pocket.) It was InConJunction, this last weekend, I have no idea how I did.

My house is clean. No really, this is worth putting down. I now have the energy to keep up with dishes and somewhat with laundry.

I get an hour's break in the middle of my workday, everyday (except maybe today)... my god! The mind boggles! What is this 'freetime' thing?

Non-workwise, I lost three immediate family members in the space of 6 weeks, and a close friend of the family this last weekend.

Also out-of-my-hands-wise, I had terrible, terrible frustration trying to order important things like printers and paper, and had a horrible, horrible time with my webpage. I wish I could say that had all magically fixed itself, but hey, it's plugging forward at least. Thanks to the fact that the paper I ordered 3 weeks ago still isn't in, I've just lost a $300+ print order.

So... monetarily, not a lot to show. My goal was to make enough to personally (me money, not EMG money) pay our land taxes - about $2000. I need some more sales before that happens, alas, but honestly, it's not out of reach to get to that in the next couple of months - and they aren't due until September. *cough* If you'd like to commission me... :)

Other than monetarily, my life ROCKS. I have weekends off for the first time in... twelve years?? I have evenings off. I have a busy, crazy work schedule that absolutely keeps me hopping, and for the most part, I love it to bits. (Webpages and printers excluded...) My house is much, much clearner than it used to be. I'm much, much healthier than I used to be. I get unwind time. I get alotted arttime.

Quitting my job was definitely not a bad choice.

Goals for July - and further - will have to wait until tomorrow. I've more than used up my LJ time. :P

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