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Blech. I'm feeling horrible. Head's all stuffed up, and this is the first time I've been awake more than five hours in a row in the past two days. Stupid work. Nice heated, vibrate-y chair-cover.

Have new stuff in my Elfwood Gallery. True to usual, I liked them both when I uploaded them, and now I think they stink. *sigh* I squished 'Training' way too much, and you can't see any of the details.

Frustrated with the building effort... everything's running behind, we don't know where the joists that we ordered nearly two monthes ago are, and they were supposed to be here in two weeks (that's six weeks ago, now). The concrete people had a four-day weekend, so we have a stack of arxx blocks, and the concrete can't be started until Monday. Then it has to cure for 10 days or something. Ugh. I'm thinking we'll be living in a house without windows, doors or roof come September.

Back hurts, head hurts, guy in the next cube is playing music at that irritating 'I can't quite make it out but it's this non-ending hum that is going to drive me insane' level.


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