Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

To Do Tomorrow...*

Spy report to Karen
*Pay artists - PA
*Pay artists - EMG
*Check CC status
*T-shirt order (PA)
*Order - PA
*Post cover to EA
Email about missing paper for LEs.
Email about transfer paper to return.
*at Mom and Dad's, 10-3 for printer return pickup.
*Gaming 3 - (bring enough food!)
Catch up at PA forum
Catch up at EA forum (haven't, but close enough...)
*At least post brief status update at EA forums
Finish book layout - bug printer for quote again, if needed.
Compile bios list and bug folks who don't have it in.
Check Fairy Court list
*Post new claim site work at PA
*Download print files in the morning
*Bring print files into town.
*Email KM
Tell Catie how much I liked Urban Shaman
Photo to Claire's g'ma.
Add poor remaining artists-in-limbo to EMG Lite.
*Set up new PA artists (7)

Yeah, so there are drawbacks to taking a long weekend entirely off... but the mindcandy TV and long, long hours of sleep and the cat time and the husband time and the reading time and the drawing time and the hanging out with friends time and the watching Jake take hamburgers off the grill while being pounded with rain that made buckets of steam roll off of him time and the massive doses of good music and card games have been salve to my soul.

*Only starred items have to be done tomorrow. I'm not that nuts.

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