Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Downsides to travel...

Gah, I'm tired. Took a brief nap on the couch with the cat, but still having major difficulties getting going. I'm not going to feel too bad if I don't get much of my list done today, all things considered. I don't think the kind folks at EA will lynch me if I don't get this book done by tomorrow if I let them know what's up.

Also can feel that my energy levels are at a serious low... I was fairly appalled to weigh myself at Tom and Karen's (we were going to weigh boxes, mostly I avoid scales) and find that I'm down to 111. Not good. I hope their scale is just off, but it's very possible I've shed some weight under the stress I'm juggling. And travelling is hell on my appetite. Jake commented a few times that there wasn't much of me to hug, so it's quite possible that the scale was right. :/

It's very, very nice being back in my birch trees, with birds and squirrels instead of traffic out the windows. Smokey, but that's normal this time of year. And my BED! Oh, the comfort... that memory foam was a score. That was the first really GOOD night's sleep I've had in over a week. And I had a husband to cuddle with! I missed that a ton.

Okay, okay, go eat some lunch and watch my lunchtime sci fi, and then back to the book, and see if I remember how to drive and go get the PILES of mail I probably have waiting for me... Got the intro and the history laid out, about ready to tackle the bios. Maybe I'll finish the legacy section first, but bios need to be sorted so I can nag folks for the missing ones. Getting there!

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