Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Done travelling!

Holy moly, it's good to be back. Lots and LOTS to do, most of it before ... eek! Tomorrow!

The trip was fantastic - if low on sleep and rest.

INATS was wonderful, we really networked like crazy, and I hope that follow-up is good. :)

I have a billion and three emails to go through... and LOTS of pictures to download. I'm sick of airlines, and airline food, but otherwise, still rather jazzed. I bought art supplies, and saw the zoo, and the scenic routes of Denver's freeways several times, and am very, very happy to be back to the peace and quiet of my birch forest. I met wonderful people, and got some beautiful photos and am way, way behind on things like LJ and forums and lists. Now, I have to go work. If I have time, I'll do a full report, but July 1 is payday for EMG and PA, and I'm *supposed* to have the Atlantis book laid out by then, and I've got sme orders to fill, and LOTS of PA work to post and lots of webupdates to do... and... and... and...


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