Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Cold sweating... and lots of random stuff...

My prints look UGLY!

Not that the quality is bad, but all my art looks horrible and ugly and amateur. No one will buy it. I have to hope that they like the products enough to overcome the awfulness of the artwork.

Okay, no, it's not really THAT bad, but I just wish I had some better stuff to show at INATS. I can't hide behind my really GOOD artists like I can for EMG shows, and it makes me nervous. Two whole feet of nothing but ME. *hyperventilates* Still, at least I'll be able to show off everyone elses stuff. I'm good at that. I'll make Deb talk about my stuff. :P

Printing and packaging, lalalalala... Just one t-shirt order to fill, plus Ursula's shirts, and I'm STILL waiting on that transfer paper. How I love the supply line. Lalalala. My printer is supposed to be delivered TODAY (how long have I been saying that, now?!) before noon, so I'm waiting around at mom and dads for it. It'll probably take a few hours to set up the new one and pack up the old one for return. Hours I really don't want to take right now, but oh well! They'll bill me for a new printer if I don't return the old in 10 days, and since I'm leaving for seven the day after tomorrow... well, it's got to go back before I leave.

Plan for Denver is falling gradually into place. Juggling people is much more difficult than just going somewhere with Jake and playing it by ear.

I'm going to miss him so much for that week. SO MUCH. I won't get to have cookies and milk with him before bed. :( Or watch a bedtime Bender. :( Or snuggle with him in the morning. :( Or drop him random emails throughout the day. :( Or watch him and Velcro chase each other around. :( To say nothing of the other perks I'll miss. And I love travelling with him - we always have so much fun, and he never lets me hurt myself by lifting too much or doing too much, and we always want to go the same places and I always feel so safe with my big Viking husband. He grew up in a city and knows how they work. I'm just a frontier girl who gapes at things and gets nervous in big crowds. I won't have his hand to hold onto! (And I'm pretty sure Deb wouldn't want me clinging to her hand like a three-year-old)

Deb, btw, your outfits look SO pretty!! I'll model mine today or tomorrow and take photos.


Gaming tonight, though I'm not really feeling like I have time for it, I know I need the wind-down.


I really, really need to redo some of my designs. Some of my best-sellers were done SO long ago. They're still solid designs, but I look at them and flinch.

More printing and packaging to do!


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