Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Drizzly Sunday

Horribly wet, grey, foggy Sunday.

Nice day, nonetheless. Twenty-nine pages finished on the Atlantis book. I think that may be about half way. Maybe a little less.

Watched two StarGate episodes and cut out eight ACEO cards. Yeah, I've been bitten! They're so teensy! I made a little set of LEs of Practicality and Uncovering Atlantis, four each 'cause that's what fits on a half-letter page. Uncovering Atlantis is an 11 x 14 original, and shrunk down to 3.5 inches, you can still make out the tiny, tiny title and signature. I love my printer. When it works.


One of the bummers about having an outhouse is having to go out in the rain.

One of the best things about having an outhouse is having to go out in the rain.

Sure, the roof leaks and the seat has to be dried off, and the path is muddy. But it smells amazing, and the birds don't seem to care if it's raining or not. The breeze makes the water off of leaves into a percussion instrument. It's beautiful, the far stretches of the forest half-obscured in fog.

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