Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Horray, horray, horray!!!

I have a working printer! I am smarter (if marginally) than a print driver!!!

The downside to what I had to do is that I lost ALL of my very carefully set-up profiles for all the different kinds of paper I use. *cries* And the driver to the 4000, but I shall have to set that up again from scratch when the new one gets here anyway.

My 4000, after a remarkably brief and helpful phonecall to Epson, is in Anchorage. No particular ETA for getting here. Not like anyone's in a hurry, or anything... *rollseyes*

I have to confess, the level of technical support that you get for having purchased one of Epson's top-end models is worth some of the exhorbitant price you pay - I get a customer ID number and a toll-free number that connects me DIRECTLY to someone who actually knows what they're doing and saying, and I spend very little time farting around through menus or talking to sales reps. Very refreshing.

Now I have several back orders to fill... so I'm off! Darn me and my pessimism for not bringing all the print files I'll need...


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