Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


My email is going to drive me BATTY. It will not show me the contents of folders right now, just my inbox, and I cannot get to PA artistpage information so that I can get more updates done!!! ARGH!

Got the Atlantis project submissions all finalized, and nearly forgot to include myself. Didn't get the story done, oh well.

Arted this morning - did yet more touch-ups on the Atlantis piece, knowing that if I hate them, I have the good scan of the last version... looks better, I think. Also finished inking an ornament design that I need to scan and deliver today so that I can take samples to INATS. Eep!

My fairy wings are cuter than snot. I still want to trim them with something sparkly, but they're nearly done. I hope they match my dresses well enough and I don't knock things over with them. I may make more of these to sell at the fair... they WOULD sell, I know, and they're fun to make. Just a matter of time and whether or not I have it.

Okay, emails behaving again, more work to do. *skitters*

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