Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Finished 'Don't Look Now' last night - my third Atlantis piece, but second choice... Freedom just doesn't work in this book, mermaids or not, and I feel like these two are perfectly on-topic and a good example of my strengths. Yay! Will scan today. If time, I'll work on the story. If not, oh well...

Cancelled my Adorma order - they gave me a two-week estimate on getting my order, and that's just not good enough... also, I found the spray available in town for the exact same price! No shipping! Woot!! I'd already double-ordered my paper from Atlex, where it was cheaper and they had it in stock, so that should be here shortly. Possibly today.

Epson wrote back with a laundry list of things to try with my printer, which I shall do later today, after some running around, and fairy wings (didn't get to that yesterday). Some of them are the same suggestions you guys had - we'll see if it works! I'm not panicking yet!

Shall have to work on Atlantis submissions this afternoon... no time now. Have to go to the bank and the post office, Michaels, The Art Center, the gas station (first... nearly out!), and have some breakfast still. Running on coffee fumes right now, and waiting on an ftp download.

Letters from very happy customers who are forgiving and understanding of my printer problems really brighten the day, I'll tell you. Almost as much as happy/grateful artists who are forgiving and understanding. :) The worst of my recent burden is guilt that I'm inadvertantly screwing people by not being able to sell their work as well as possible - I've got a few jobs and opportunities that don't rely on my site, but I have a *commitment* to make my artists shine and sell their work too, a responsibility that comes in return for their generous willingness to license to me - and that I haven't been able to do that well so far this year eats me up worse than mere frustration at machines.

Oh right, breakfast... *skitters off*

PS: A very big thank you to everyone who commented on Atlantis, or commented in general - you guys are the best, and it really makes my day to hear from you, even when I'm too self-centered to write back. :)

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