Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Nobody panic!

Everything will be alright, if we just stay calm!!

Or so I tell myself...

Strange happenings with my paper/spray orders, including nothing charged to my card yet??? But I won't panic.

Still haven't ordered those darned ISBNS. But I won't panic.

INATS in just over a week!! I have to go to a strange big city. And do a HUGE show that I've never done before, trusting (hahahaha) UPS and the airlines to make sure I get all my stuff. But I won't panic.

I have a cubic meter of orders that I need to fill, art to send to InConJunction and stuff to make for INATS, none of which can happen until I get at least ONE of my new printers set up. Neither of which are here yet. But I won't panic.

My ftp connection keeps dropping while I'm trying to download print files for the Atlantis book. But I won't panic.

Of course, I have to completely compile, layout, design and upload this particular book by (about) July 1 - and round up all the signature pages (mostly in, thankfully) and print files before that point. Despite a full week of being gone smack in the middle of that time. And do a damn good job on this, because so many faithful, talented artists are trusting me to do so. But I won't panic.

And, like a fool, I also started a complicated submitted description I would have to finish before I leave. Oh, and my own final Atlantis piece... and hopefully that story. But I won't panic.

Wait... how am I NOT panicking?


Anywho, I'm off to buy supplies to make fairy wings today with my mom! Which I also still have to design!

Still not panicking! Lalalalalalala! You can't make me!

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