Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sooo tired...

Had to fix up a couple of problems with the shopping cart at EMG Lite... just the mailorder cart, though. I think I've got everything cleaned up now. *hopes*

PA is updated, but not with adopted stuff yet. *sighs*

I'm nearly finished with both Leonie and the Atlantis color piece - I'm finding that I HAVE to just sit down and paint for an hour before I turn on my computer, because there's always endless crap that I have to do online that keeps me from getting to art. Doing art first seems to work Very Nicely for me.

Finished Sunrise, finally, and it's a much, much better story than it was the first go-round. I almost like it. Subbed for permissions.

Got some long-overdue invoicing done, and some financial stuff.

And for lunch, enforcing my 'I need time off!' I watched an episode of Stargate. I got season 1 on DVD for my birthday, and I'm eating it up. I also ordered Firefly!!! *glee* I've watched it all already (unlike Stargate), but Firefly's good enough for seconds and thirds. Indeed, when I borrowed it, I watched almost all of it twice, it was that good. And I've been itching to watch it again since then, so I splurged for myself. Dinotopia has been entertaining. Rather bad, as I expected, but fun. Sort of... Hercules/Xena with dinosaurs.

I'm about ready for a nap, but instead, I have to put away my computer, wash dishes, and get ready for dinner. *YAWN*

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