Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Just a little break?

Oy... Never rains, but it pours, right? Is that how it goes?

Finished all 200 bookmarks, and my hand has purple bruised spots from the scissors. Owie.

Worked on Leonie and finished some customization on a PA piece.

Forked over 6 PA images for adoptions since Sunday. Must write 5 of those to disc and go print and mail them.

Organized some webpage stuff and answered the most urgent of my emails - getting way behind on that again. *wince* 99 in the inbox right now begging for replies. Some kind of problem with the janitor address, it looks like, too, but I think I FINALLY got that fixed. Urgh.

I think it will always surprise and sort of floor me when people I write to know who I am. I sent in a query to a con about panel space (which they have, and I need to pay for and I NEED to answer that email asap)... and the artshow director knew who I was and asked me to let my artists know there was still print shop room left and said she loved my webpage and wished she had more money. She *knew* who I was! *boggles* And I wrote another random person about a trade I was interested in, and the reply was enormously flattering - not only were they familiar with me and my art and my business, but they'd considered me 'out of their league' to ask for a trade. *boggles again*

I just... I never really expected to be *somebody,* you know? *Somebody* that strangers know about... I just print stuff and am grossly opinionated and bossy. I figured I was known in a very narrow, tight circle of people and no further, easily forgotten in a sea of far more talented artists... meh, I ramble - I gotta go into town and make prints and shower and prep for gaming and run a few bookmarks through the laminator a second time to fix a few flaws and do some invoicing and the rest of the usual list of things to do...

Come on legs, let's go...

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