Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Okay, still have that big bookmark order to do, and I badly need a shower, but there are a heap of new claim site PA pieces up, and some vital emails written, and postcards and business cards ordered, and four new PA members emailed, and I found a piece I need to customize, and um.... oh, paid my credit card, and got those stupid plane tickets and ate delicious lunch.

Had to add a bunch of new entries to my shopping cart to deal with the high priced adoption pieces that are... apparently here to stay! :P I honestly expected to do the briskest business on the cheap-y $15 portraits, but apparently, people are either a) too cheap to spend anything or b) willing to spend a LOT. No skin off my nose, this is a lot easier at my end. :P

Heh... four of those pieces from the claim site are already adopted...

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