Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Friday morning report.

*shakes mouse viciously* Why doesn't my right-click work? Stupid thing. I feel crippled!

I inked the moose-dancing cover last night after doing much work on the moose herself. Your comments were quite helpful! The anonymous comments at the end were great! Too bad I didn't get to read them until I was already finished inking. Doh! Today, color!

*boggles* I paid out more than $500 to my artists in the last two days for portrait adoptions and have several more 'checks in the mail.' How's that for cool? If any of you folks have been sort of toying with the idea of joining but just aren't sure - quit stalling!! There are some really nice, high-ticket descriptions (Most right now are $80-140, but some are up to $300) in the submitted descriptions, and there are a lot of them!! Sales have been growing steadily, and there are more visitors just about everyday. Every week or so I get a 'wow, what a site! I'll be a regular!' email... If you are a member artist already, please, please, have a look at the SDs - and submit more work! All the cool kids are doing it...


Catching up on EA submissions, and then posting one PA piece so the front page is fresh - time to recruit some more help with that, I think... and then it's off to color dancing mooses. Later, I'll post some claim PA pieces, and probably find more to do... clean up some of the EMG Lite extra pages, for example.

EMG Lite is nearly finished! We're in the T's, alphabetically! *GLEE*


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