Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Heh... I have finally discovered a problem with the new printer. It doesn't print small enough. :P No, really - it won't print cards on the half-sheets; the guides don't squeeze small enough and there are no options for anything that small in paper selection!!!! RATS! I shall have to order another 1280, I guess. Or go back to printing on full-sheets, which SUCKED because of the margins. Maybe full-sheet borderless, but a)that's slow, and b)I JUST finally got all my cards converted FROM the full-sheet format TO the half-sheet format. I don't want to do them all again. *pouts*

I am thwarted again...

My latest time-sucking idea? Run for Borough Assembly Board. I'd be good at it, and when Jake asked me why I'd want to, my answer seemed very good: I want to keep them from making stupid decisions. I'd need to know how much time it would take, though... undoubtedly too much.

Need more tube-caps.

Mmm.. meatloaf sandwich. :D

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