Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Update of Ellen

Getting ready to go switch tires on my car, and then print a bunch of orders, and then design and order me up some postcards and business cards, and then work on that cover and then pay some artists and then go to the postoffice and then...

Blah blah blah...

I sent my scolding letter to the printer yesterday, and haven't heard anything back. Lucky for me, I found another - HIGHLY recommended - place (thanks to Sofawolf and Ursula!) to print, in color, no less, at even cheaper prices with really reasonable minimums. I may let Ken do the rest of Wish3 IF he comes back, but he's outta here for the Visions of Atlantis. These guys supposedly don't just meet their deadlines, but often beat them, and I have some of their books, so I know they're nice quality.

Honestly, yesterday I started pricing binding and offset printers. I am SO glad there are alternatives - that was enough to curl my toes.

Ack! Gotta run, too much to do.

You're all wonderful, remember.

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