Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm back!

What a FABULOUS long weekend. Celebrated our birthdays in fine fashion in a private camping spot on the banks of the Chatanika, ate delicious food, reorganized the connex box, went fishing (not a nibble - catch and release until tomorrow anyway), went walking, enjoyed beautiful weather, didnt TOUCH the Internet for all five days and LOVED it. I got a zoom lens for my camera! Holy balls, I could photograph the grains of wood on a tree a mile away. Sweeeet! I also got season 1 of Stargate, which I haven't seen! *love*

Downloading all the print files that stacked up while I was gone (thanks heavens for all that space!) and am now dredging back through more than 300 emails... (after most of the spam has been deleted, I think....)

Interesting thoughts on commercial vs art, wish I'd seen the original rant that sparked off so many of you.

And I've only skimmed back the dozen and a half pages of friendslist news, so I've probably missed a lot - I hope those of you that are sick get well soon and those of you who are having hard times get through them.

Lots and lots to do today, including my monthly goals revisit (*fear*).

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