Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

May Goals re-examined

EMG site - all QC at my end done. - 61 down! lots and lots to go!
RWH tarot - finish and mail.
Commissions -
final sketch on Angles - nothing done here
Arachne girl finished. - waiting on customer payment of remainder
Sara's Belly-dancing moose cover*** Must be finished by 31.
Two SDs, at least. - Sundima and Brenna finished, Yahaweh is well-started, as is Crackle.
Finalize EA book contract and work out details.
INATS - Finalize display. Next, list of things to bring.
Wish3 - Finish printing vol 1-4 and LE vol 4. - Well, it's off to the printers, and I got Vol 2-4, but he's being all silent and stuff again. Rrrr...
Card Game - border and back design - no work done here.
Jenny-Bjorn - at least re-read.
Fundraiser stuff to Mary Layton. 29th! Must run these off as soon as the printer is set up!!!
Order Jake some birthday presents!

Adding to the MUST list:
Order Fairy Court postcards, and my own business cards.

Jenny-Bjorn - finish rough draft - hey, I think I managed another sentence.
Laser designs - Working on that!
Master and Servant Entry - some sketches done. Hahahaahahahahahaha... yeah, didn't exactly make the deadline...

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