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Nobody knows... the trouble I seen...

Yesterday was /awful./ Just /awful./

Among other things, I found out that one of the cards I've been selling was plagiarized, I had an arguement with Jake, our dirtwork guy called and said he can't make it til Monday at least, and my back hurt.

Fortunately, Ruth Thompson's business manager was cool with the steps I took, the artist was very polite about things, and my back feels better. The dirtwork is a little worrisome, since we have to be out of our cabin by Sept 1, even if we don't have a roof up. The guy was terribly apologetic, and said 'I hope you don't think I'm a deadbeat.' Poor guy: one of his equipment operators is in jail, and another ran over a transit and got fired. I think we're going to get a very consciencious job when he gets to us.

Have cleaned up my messageboards, and added a forum where I will be posting house updates: here.

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