Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Beat Up Ellen

I feel utterly whipped.

Some of it is undoubtedly stress. Webpage is down, my printer is kaput, I have no money until the end of the month unless I want to drain my account, family members are dropping off like flies... take your pick, plenty of stress in this corner.

Some of it, too, is that I hurt. The very long walks with Jake over the weekend were much needed, but I'm not at all in the shape I should be, so my legs and back are whining about over-use and threatening to form a union and boycott me.

Some of it is the overwhelming list of things to do, with deadlines marching up on me like an army of ants.

Some of it is that I haven't eaten much today - appetite is the first to go for me. That would be nifty if I were in need of losing weight, but since I work in the opposite way, that's not real good.

Some of it is art slump. Everything I draw sucks twinkies, and won't fix up the way I want. Digital coloring not only alludes me, it MOCKS me. I hates it. The stuff I do want to work on, I don't have time for, because of the above hoard of deadlines.

In less whiny news:

You guys are awesome, and many, many thanks for your condolences and shared wisdom - this particular post is much more just a whinefest, and I know it.

Hey, here's a herculean task for my friendslist - recommend me a movie! I hate picking out movies at the rental store because it's so bloody hard to tell if it will be good from the cover. Next time, I want to take a list. I don't see a lot of movies, so feel free to suggest 'the obvious...' I just watched Edwards Scissorshands for the first time last weekend! (delightful! Quirky! I really loved it!) I love sci fi, comedy, fantasy, surrealistic, suspense, mystery, romance... strong characters are a huge plus, gorgeous visuals, etc. I haven't seen many current/recent movies, tho I love M. Night Shamalwhosits movies and have probably seen all of those.

Got some stuff crossed off my list, horrah. Still mighty bummed about yon printer failure. What awful timing!

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