Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

One foot in front of the other...


Commissions to work on:
*Zen - photo and email client.
*SD: Yaheweh - fix hand, scan and color with simple wash. (3 hours in so far)
*SD: Sundima - scan and start color. (2 hours?)
SD: Brenna - finish color.
*McAffee: adjust per email.

*EA Book:
Email Jessica about forward
Delegate emailing some of the other forum regulars who haven't been active lately
Go through submissions, update master list
Check carefully over threads to make sure I haven't missed any questions.
Work on my pieces and story

Portrait Adoption:
Put new work up.
*Email clients for claim site pieces just put up.
Email claimer of #238. (False alarm, I think...)
*Weekly news post. Try not to whine, eh?

20 entries.
*Ping Jennie for passwords.
Wish3??? pleasepleasepleasebehere!
Fix printer. Found the right oil! Printer=lost cause
*email sticker orderer about broken printer, offer to ship in stages.

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