Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesday rambles...

Gamed a little later than usual last night because we were mid-combat at quitting time. I'm loving this Cthulu setting. *grins* James is a bang-up GM. My poor low-san screen star... I've got to get a shotgun, and soon, and start carrying it in my handbag...

I was terribly, terribly entertained Tuesday morning. We'd put birdseed out, but the sqirrels (the bastards!!) had destroyed my last feeder, so we just stuck the seed in a large metal pan out on the chopping block. It had very high sides, and we have a very fat, furry woodstack inhabitant who figured out what was in it. This inhabitant is a red-backed vole - the closest thing we have to mice - and had apparently eaten well over the winter... he makes domestic hamsters look svelt. He would climb up the chopping block, no trouble... and circle the pan, and put his paws up on it, and there was one little spur to one side of the chopping block log. He'd climb out to the end of it, and fliiiiiiing himself up at the edge of the pan, scramble, scramble, scramble, and then topple all the way down the ground. He must have done this about four times before that last desperate scramble launched him face-first into the birdseed. If he'd had three braincells, he would have shovelled the loot out of the pan onto the ground where he could get it, but apparently, he only had two braincells, and after a short time, left the pan. Moments later, he was at it again... fling, scramble, fall. Fling, scramble, fall. Fling, scramble, fall. Fling, SCRAMBLE, nosedive into seeds. Velcro and I were much entertained.

Printing a print service right now - client sent color proofs, and oh, MAN, have they been hard to match. The thumbnails don't quiiiiite translate to the full-sized prints - everything sharper and more contrasty on the little ones, and it's been TOUGH (and expensive *sighs* not much profit left on this one...) getting the colors just right. I'm still only about 90% happy, but we'll see how happy the client is. *crossing fingers* I'm totally levying a proofing charge in the future.

Have a headache today, started small this morning, but is blooming into a doozy. Very disappointed, because OF COURSE, I had a ton planned for today. Very stressed over the missing Wish3...

Think that's it... Take care, everyone. :)

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