Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

On re-reading...

Well, ya know, I'm not in hate with the Jenny and Bjorn novel, I'm really not.

It's got lumpy bits, and there's half a chapter that can just be ditched, but it's relatively well-written - the conversation is pretty snappy, the characters are pretty clear - I need to finish the thing... I have an outline to the end, and I think it may be another five, six, maaaaybe seven chapters, but there's a lot of good stuff here! (She says humbly.) I don't even think it will take much nit-picky editing.

I think I can make something coherent out of it after all. I do! And there was much relief!

I've had to hold myself back TWICE now from writing to the Epilogue staff and offering to run Epitome if they want me... I want to see it updated reliably, I really do, even if it means doing it myself. But see how good I am? I didn't! I stopped myself before I added another project to my plate!

Finally talked to LOMAN, Melanie caught me by surprise by asking, 'you are a publisher, right?' I answered yes without sounding like I hesitated, but it did make me pause mentally. I'm... ME. I'm something completely unique and different in the market, sort of like a merchant, sort of like an agent, sort of like a publisher, sort of like a producer, sort of a LOT like a hand-holding babysitter*, sort of like a mediator, or maybe a mentor, sort of like a lot of things. And yes, really, I am a publisher too. I have that hat here somewhere. Small press, yeah. SUPER small press, for now. (But not for long! Tremble in fear of my potential and the talents I have called to my dark side! Mwahahahaha!) That went well, anyway. And DAMN, does LOMAN have a restrictive contract. I would never sign with them. But then, I'm pretty independent like that. I guess they pay well for their top artists, anyway. Someday, I will pay better. So doth I spake.

EMG site - all QC at my end done. - 27 down! lots and lots to go!
RWH tarot - finish and mail.
Commissions - final sketch on Angles, Arachne girl finished. Two SDs, at least. - uploaded sketches, waiting on customer
Finalize EA book contract and work out details.
INATS - Finalize display. - Still need to sketch that darn display!
Wish3 - Finish printing vol 1-4 and LE vol 4. - off to the printers! All I have to do is twiddle my fingers...
Card Game - border and back design
Jenny-Bjorn - at least re-read.
Fundraiser stuff to Mary Layton. Check deadline...
Order Jake some birthday presents!

Jenny-Bjorn - finish rough draft
Laser designs
Master and Servant Entry - some sketches done.

*No one's allowed to take offense at this! I'm sure I don't mean any of you guys!

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