Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

So pooooor!

The check for Dragon*Con cleared rather unexpectedly two days ago, draining my account. I'd forgotten about it. *facepalm* Stupid Ellen. So, just a few pennies rattling around there (not literally - I do have a minimum balance I hate to break), and I just paid off Vol2-3 of Wish3, so Paypal is looking mighty slim, too. Oy. Of course, with the webpage largely broken, very, very few orders are coming in. Thank heavens for print services and portrait adoption. Thank *heavens* for an influx at the end of May. I have stock - boy do I have stock (having dug through the bazillion t-shirts yesterday afternoon), but little capital right now.

Also, a little bit of insider knowledge for you folks - prices on prints and t-shirts will be going up with the release of the new site, and small magnets and stickers will temporarily be discountinued. (They aren't price effective, and I won't bring them back 'til they are...) So order, and make me a little less poor! :P

Please please please let INATS and DragonCon and the Fair pay off the way I think they may, because I've sunk thousands into them at this point. Please let the new webpage wow people unbelievably and make them order lots of shiny shinies... Please please please...

/money whines...

In other news... um... I'm busy! Go ahead, look shocked.

Gaming last night was fun - Donavan has a new minature horse! Heh!

Also, I'm allergic to something, I woke up this morning with a strange rash on my feet and wrists, but it went away in fairly short order.

Crossed some stuff off my list of May things to do. I want my whiteboards back!! Other than that, I really don't mind working on the kitchen table.

Must write disc and run!

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