Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

May Goals

The Master and Servant competition ends the 18th of May. I may or may not be able to do anything for this - I don't think I can really compete. If it were stippling, sure, but CG? Eh. I will make an effort towards this, but it may be a smoke dream. Particularly looking at the rest of what I want to do.

RWH tarot. Dammit, I want to mail this THIS week. I wanted to mail it several weeks ago.

I've GOT to get a scan to the arachne girl commission thingy. Rough sketches only. Today, please.

Angles - only got a rouch sketch done last month - this month, I want a final sketch. Preferably inked.

Cami's SD: I've got a great Sundima sketch, must finish that. Should also do others, because she's a reliable commissionee and money in is good!!

Other SD: Finish Brenna. Check deadline on that.

EA book: Looks like I'm committed, and the printer is working out GREAT, so full speed ahead there. (If you are a fairy-type artist, and not a member of the enchanted artists forum: http://www.enchantedartists.com/forum consider joining! Lots of great marketting and technique chatter - do apply for the private forums. Note that the others in this project will look unkindly on anyone joining up to simply be part of the book, but it is truly a valuable resource - get involved!) Deadline for the book is 15 June, so I don't have a LOT to do right away other than directing all that energy and herding all those artists and answering the tons and tons of questions they will have.

INATS: For the Fairy Court - also committed. This is at the end of June, but I will need to order blank stock and start making lists of what products I'll need to bring. Also, long overdue for a sketch for the t-shirt display, which may have to be fabricated. (But will also be used for the fair, etc). Better have some display sketches by the end of the month.

Wish3 - finish this up and offer the LE!

Laser stuff - not priority, but I would like to get one ornament design completed. That's reasonable.

Jenny/Bjorn - I'm going to print this out and read through it and see if it's worth salvaging. Or rather, which parts are. I'm plowing through and FINISHING this sucker, just so it is and I can say I did.

Card game - Finalize layout for back and border. This will be required before I get any of the cardart done, so this is the goal for the month. Also, finish fleshing out the deck.

Finish EMG site. No, I'm not really crazy. This does hinge on Jennie working all the wrinkles out of the great zen shopping cart, but I MUST have all of my end of things done this month - which means ALL images and QC finished. As sweet as the new backend is, this shouldn't be difficult. The only speedbump really is getting images from my old print-server computer to the laptop to upload. Still, an action in Photoshop, write to a disc, and I should be good. This would just be EMG as it was - I'm not going to kill myself doing all that AND trying to get all the new work up.

Oh, guess I'd better update the site saying submissions won't be open in May... since, ah, NO, I'm not at all ready to take submissions.

Yikes. I must be crazy. Also, the 26th-30th are vacation. Our birthdays and memorial day make a very, very long weekend, and I'm TAKING it.

So, final list:

EMG site - all QC at my end done. - 27 down! lots and lots to go!
RWH tarot - finish and mail.
Commissions - final sketch on Angles, Arachne girl finished. Two SDs, at least. - uploaded sketches, waiting on customer
Finalize EA book contract and work out details.
INATS - Finalize display. - Still need to sketch that darn display!
Wish3 - Finish printing vol 1-4 and LE vol 4. - off to the printers! All I have to do is twiddle my fingers...
Card Game - border and back design
Jenny-Bjorn - at least re-read.
Fundraiser stuff to Mary Layton. Check deadline...

Jenny-Bjorn - finish rough draft
Laser designs
Master and Servant Entry - some sketches done.

Best get busy...

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