Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Month in Review.

April sucked, no doubt. I was sick a lot of the time, or injured, and Bad Stuff just kept on happening. I missed several half-days of work due to car failures, doctors visits, and the like.

But still, I'm not crying over my progress:

Aphrodisia Entry (delivered by 20th) - um.... didn't make it. Not even CLOSE. Didn't even really start...
Angles Commission (final sketch, at LEAST, on final media) - rough sketch on final media finished, and it's liked!
Finish Jenny/Bjorn rough draft - Didn't even start it.
50 EMG entries - 16 up! - completely stalled out with the breakage of the old site, but we have gotten several hundred entries imported, and I've got 15 entirely QCed with images and all - ready to go up, not just half-ready. And the lilypad is AWESOME, as I mention everytime I've been using it recently.
Mock up of The Game - finished! A grand success with everyone who play-tested it with me. It needs a few more cards, but that shouldn't be hard to accomodate.
Finish RWH Tarot - I have 13 cards left to print - need to accept that the 8 of pots is just lost and push forward. Would be nice to do that today, we'll see. I have a big print order to try to shove out the door today.

Things not on my list:

EMG site breakage and 8 days of technical service. Joy.
Wish3 - I'm SO excited to see the new print editions!!!! 12 copies each of volumes 2-4 will be in Syl's hands for her show, as well as HOPEFULLY, a sample copy of vol 1 and the hardcover LE of vol 4. Must finish uploading files right away.
Laser Factory - stroke of luck, that was.
Wholesaling goodness - again, lucky break!
Interview. Loved doing it! Very nice to have a brief history of me written down. Did take a chunk of time, though.

Next post... goals for May.

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