Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Productive morning... got my DragonCon jury page up - I HOPE they get my paperwork in time, I'll be mighty peeved if they don't. Got several entries imported at the new EMG, posted new portraits at PA - two at the main site and two in the claim site, and supplied web images for two adoptions, plus paid some artists and updated adopted portraits from the claim site. PA and the print services are doing an excellent job of carrying the basically dead weight of the EMG storefront right now. Yay for diversity.

Scared to look at my goals for April list... I was pretty side-swiped by this whole month, and I'm afraid I'm going to be unhappy with myself when it comes down to it. Laundry list of great excuses, of course, and I think I got all the truly time-sensitive things done. I need my whiteboards back!!

Jake's off buying a window for the study. Could be a GREAT thing - he wants a study in short order 'cause he gets bored waiting to share my laptop, which means *gasp* EMG may move into its final living space in the next month or so. I'd be SO happy.

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