Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


And dammit, I'm going to North Pole after two weeks of putting it off.

Got my box of samples, getting ready to write a disc of images, Wish3 is uploading to the printer, have some artwork and a sketchbook, and I even put out girly clothes to get into after my shower. I might *gasp* brush my hair. Okay, yes, I'll definitely brush my hair. And teeth. And wear deoderant and all that socially acceptable stuff.

Got up early to compile Wish3 stuff - and I like working in the morning. Getting up was a little challenging, but hey, not THAT bad.

I have GOT to do a DragonCon jury page FIRST THING tomorrow. Nothing like the last possible day... I've decided to apply as amateur; my work just wouldn't hang in a real gallery.

Behind on emails and such again, but no time now - gotta write that disc, and clean out my backpack and get ready to go. Have to leave Wish3 uploading when I go, rats.

Much to do!
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