Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Eee hee hee hee!!

Woot! Just got off the phone with my printer, who is making up for his weeks of putting me off with some INCREDIBLE service and helpful advice. Syl, you'll be getting 12 copies of each volume, plus all the LEs of vol 4.

They look good, I'm told... and people in the printing office have been ogling both the art and the quality of the print job. Ken advised me to put these out through Bud Plant, and Diamond (though Diamond requires a bit of an investment to get into because they want such a slug of each title...) and gave me some pricing advice. Totally pleased so far. And I talked on the phone without sounding like a COMPLETE idiot, even though we were clearly on a delay.


I had to go back to bed for a nap, too unable to deal with my head, and some consideration made me realize - I was pounding sugar all day yeserday... gallons of cranberry juice non-stop. No wonder I felt awful! Vodka aside, I had the most massive dehydration and a blood sugar of about 2, I'm sure. It felt exactly like a sugar crash. I'm lucky I don't have a migraine eating the side of my head off! Instead, I have leftover Thai food from taking mom out to dinner Monday night. Mmmm.

Life looks up.

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