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She is stealing Batwing Catwing from my server, as well as all the other art she has there, and offering it to /other/ people to use freely? That's just... awful. Here's my letter to her.

Dear WhatNot webmaster,

While I sincerely appreciate that you linked to my page when you took the picture 'Batwing Catwing,' I have serious qualms with your use, and I would like you to remove the picture. http://www.angelfire.com/realm/arlanv/wingcat.htm (<- This is the page, in case you are wondering of what I speak)

First of all, you are linking to the picture on my server. I pay for the space I have, and I pay for the bandwidth that is used. If you are going to have a picture on your webpage, you should have the picture /hosted/ on your webpage. The way you are using it now (and all of the pictures on your 'WhatNot' page) is considered 'bandwidth theft,' and is a severe breach of net-etiquette. Also, you should credit the artist. That piece is by Vanessa Knight, and her name should be referenced. You must also have her express permission to use it. Her contact information is on my webpage. It is extremely rude to offer these pictures for other people to use on their webpages when you yourself do not even have permission to display them on /your/ page.

I can direct you to some very helpful sites regarding copyrights and artwork and the web if you are unclear on any of the legalities regarding use of artwork on your webpage.

Please see that this situation is remedied as quickly as possible.

Thank you,
Ellen Million

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