Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


The lilypad has been unveiled to all the artists! Glee!

(If you are an EMG (not PA-only) artist and have not received the email with directions, lemme know and I'll make sure you're on the list... it's possible your super-secret list invite got lost in a spam filter, it was that super-secret.)

Icicles are falling off the roof. It snowed two or three inches over the weekend, but is warming up again, though it looks like winter all over again.

Also, I got one of the missing tarot card files yesterday, from Erica! AND the list of who did what and who is on which cards. Yay! Lifesaver Erica. Got another 10 printed.

Hits at EMG have about doubled in the last two or three days - largely, I think from the Faerie Magazine ad, since I've disabled all my other advertising while the site is being worked on, though there are some more than usual from various image.google sites. (.ca, .com, .ce, .fi, etc)

Much to do! Much to do!

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