Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Okay, so I was lying in bed last night and realized... there's two me, yes, but they aren't Ellen and EMG, they are Whiny Artist (the anacronym is very appropriately WA!) and Overactive Editor.

A typical interaction, subject: Faerie Magazine.

OE: I could do better.
WA: I'm not worthy!
OE: Lacking content, poor choices of fonts, bad use of negative space.
WA: Why am I not better?!
OE: Ad looks good, but lacks true punch. Outcome of investment uncertain, timing poor.
WA: Waaaaaaaaaaa!

Second example, subject: Enslaved Contest.

OE: Our piece was still fuzzy, shows uncomfortability with digital media, static.
WA: I'm so awful! Everyone is better than me! I should just give up! I never win contests! New Masters was a fluke!
OE: Work harder you drivelling sack of puke! How do you expect to get anywhere?

Got some art time, happy with the outcome.

Had to go in early to town yesterday because my mom got locked out, which sort of disrupted all my scheduling, but oh well! Busy day ahead, best get cracking. The OE says so.

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