Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

/Come on and Kiss me in the Morning.../

Got a LOT of PA work done today (new pieces in the claim site, new verbage on the front page trying to entice people to join the mailing list and promising great things to come, updated a bunch of pages with adopted work, setup two new artist homepages, setup a new artist to submit, some forum cleanup...), did more cleaning on the house - which practically sparkles (I should take pictures, quick!), and slept in. Great day so far! Debating now between art (mmm... art!) or writing (mmm... deadlines!). My Aphrodisia wavering was finally decided by Epilogue asking me to donate prizes - as far as I'm concerned, that eliminates me from participating there. I could still do the Aphrodisia end of it, but a) I'm not so super keen on those pieces being right for the competition and b) I'd have to go into town today to get it out in time and I'm laaaaaaazy.

Snuffly and cough-y still, but the extra sleep really did me good.

Velcro ate a piece of bacon off the counter and is now offended because she knows she's in the doghouse.

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