Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Spent the morning so far working on the new site. Dreamhost hasn't restored my site yet or replied to my last email asking for some stats so I could troubleshoot. I HAVE to admit, these guys have been miles better than another host I watched go through this same circus, and they ARE pretty good about seeing that I get my info - I'm definitely not ready to write them off as a host yet. The new site is SO drool-worthy. If Jennie and I can power forward (depends much more on Jennie's evil job than on me, since I'm unemployed (yay!) and she's doing all the tough stuff on this), we could have something mocked up by the end of the week and maaaaaaaybe even ready for new artists logins by the weekend. *BIG GRINS* You guys are going to LUV the new backend. So very much better than it was before. And the shiny toys! OH, the shiny toys...

Also, we fixed my car last night. Yay!

Also, the house is clean. Big Yay!

Sorry I've been so gloom and doomy lately... I feel like my site being down is BIG HAIRY deal, because I ought to be making everyone heaps of money and I'm not, but really, it's not a hot buying season, and if it pushes the new site forward as urgently as it is, it's not an entirely BAD thing, and geez, it's not like other big sites don't periodically go down for a LOT longer and with a LOT less notice and information. Chill, Ellen. Yeah.

New commission lined up to work on, and possibly two or three other opportunities in the nearish future. Need to do some sketching after lunch, and then it's in to shower, fill the meager orders I've got, take photos of some products, and playtest the game with mom and dad before gaming. The game at least, I am VERY happy with. Next month I'll start the art on it... look for a design or two every week. Have to finish the RWH tarot shtuff first... nearly done with the last card I'm responsible for, and about to go nudge and see if Cindy's found those remaining two designs. Then I could be done with that, too. Eee...

Finished a short, SHORT story for Kaz yesterday, need to tackle another. May wait until tomorrow... time for an hour of art before lunch.

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