Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Another close encounter of the bird-type.

'Cause I've been nothing but wining and complaining the past several entries, a lighter story about last week.

It's spring! We've had the windows open, during the warmest part of the afternoon, because a house starts to *smell* like a cooped up winter house after a while... woodsmoke and cooking and dirty laundry and food - particularly since we don't have any solid walls built, so there's no keeping any smells contained. It's really nice to air the place out now that it's warm enough!

A chickadee decided it looked like a great place to explore, and flew right into the upstairs, right at me (sitting at my desk) and right out the other window. I squeaked - I admit, I squeak when startled. Jake got a huge kick out of it and teased me about those oh so vicious chickadees for the rest of the day. Hey, it *fluttered* at me. :P
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