Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Site is still broken... Jennie found part of the problem in a half-disappeared entrieslist file (nothing existed previous to Septembers entries), but I STILL can't get the archives to compile past December (working backwards... the more recent archives still work). I've overwritten all the gm files that I haven't make extensive changes to with fresh files, that didn't change anything. I've tried the diagnostics and repair that comes with the program too... it just hangs and hangs and hangs and eventually '500's out.

Checked my transfer modes (ascii), deleted and rebuilt the archives, temporarily used an old (was working!) version of the gm-entrieslist, everything I can think of! BLAH! Stupid site. Dreamhost never wrote back this time, so it could still *possibly* be a server problem. The fact that it occurs rebuilding the November archives every time and PA's searches still work makes me think that it's not, though.

Went into town for a few hours to buy cold drugs and floor paint, and we cleaned most of the study up, which involved packing several boxes of books and lots of trash, and some *gasp* organization. I'm wiped out again, and my brain is not functioning well, so I'm just through with the webpage for now. Screw it. New site eta is several weeks off under the best of conditions - but it will be a site that can grow with EMG, no more of this 'let's do major redesigns every year...' It's going to be SO cool. (Thinking positive, thinking positive! Don't dwell on the stupid broken site... stupid broken, frustrating, not-working site! die! die!!)

Also purchased a nice fancy antenna at the store with 'amplification,' and it works like crap. Our old anennae that have to be sort of balanced in the slats of the VCR shelves got better reception. VERY frustrating. Can't even watch some mindeless TV.

What else... My ears hurt. My head hurts. I'm thirsty. I didn't get any art time today. I wanted to upload pictures for everyone but got sidetracked trying to fix my stupid site. My back aches (a little). The government gets too much of my money. I had to wait too long in line. My jeans are unflattering. My sweater is unravelling. My nose hurts from wiping it too much. And yes, I WOULD like some cheese with my whine.

PS: I DID at least get the phone jack wired in downstairs today, and it does work and hasn't burned the house down... yet...

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