Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I think I'd like to offer an EMG 'scholarship.'

It's a rotten crying shame when talented artists can't afford to enter competitions because of the entrance fees. I can probably allot $100 or so a year as a tax writeoff.

Also, 5 new EMG designs up! Four of 'em new artists!

What else... I'll have new art for the WIP filter in a moment or two here, and there are a few new PA pieces up.

140 RWH tarot cards finished yesterday... and I've tallied all the cards so I know what I have left to print. Still no word on those two missing files. *sigh* Leaning towards smily-face/silly placeholders, but I'll probably dash out *something* more serious instead. Rarh!

Okay, art time!! :)
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