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Ellen Million


Yesterday, finally fed up with the pain and aching, I scheduled myself into a chiropractor appointment. Much popping... and when the good doctor touched the side of my neck he said 'yeah, that would cause some migraines,' and made the thing make terrible breaking noises and then feel much better. I can do over-the-shoulder checks again while driving. And I DESPERATELY need a decent pillow.

Feeling terribly bruised today and will spend copious time on the couch with icepacks so as not to lose all the goodness of the popping.

Worked on Angles yesterday, and have a setting I don't hate. Also worked on that red-haired fairy piece from last August - got the background roughed in, though I still need to work it quite a lot. I like her skin and hair, but the rest I'm quite iffy on. Also finished the pencils for a PA piece - and plan to post it at this stage for available customization. Plus, I finished a silly little ink submitted description - mostly over the weekend. Yay!

I've got some slave labor organizing the searchwords at EMG so I can catch up on breaking products into pages - a task I had very poorly left undone for far too long. The new site does all that, thank HEAVENS... the new site is amazing... I can't wait until it's online and up to speed. It does *everything* I could ever want it to. Very cool.

So... are spammers on vacation or something? I'm regularly getting a fraction of what I used to get these days. It's spooky.

Got some emails to write, some new artists to set up at PA, then, maybe some drawing on the couch.

Yes, precious...

Oh! Watched Return of the King - FINALLY. Loved it, but had some qualms. Largely that they built up all this Eowyn stuff and then cut out the Houses of Healing. That storyline needed finality! Just showing her with Faramir (Mmmm.... Faramir...) at the end was cheap and unsatisfying. The 'fake' dramatic endings stretched out WAY too long, and I was bothered by the loss of the scourge of the Shire, which was always my favorite part of all of the books. I could forgive them that, since it's such a sidestory and time is an issue. But Houses of Healing? I cannot forgive leaving that out. Nossir. (Is it in the extended edition??)

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