Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Last day of March...

9 new entries up so far today, six of them brand new artists. Dunno if I'll get to my fifty, but watch me try! Alas, with only a little over an hour left before Jake comes home, I doubt I'll get that AND the 8 of swords finished. Still, I can't say I'm dissatisfied with my progress! I did spend about a week sicker than snot, and let's look at the list:

RWH Tarot - finish layout and printing. (Cutting may be a task for April...)
Well... except for the one I haven't finished, and the two files that are missing, layout is done. And printing of all but that lagging last page is done. PLUS, nearly all of the printed pages have been laminated, and I've got 250 cards completely cut out and another 400 or so nearly finished! This is close enough.

Get through all submissions, finish contracting, etc.

Post 50 EMG designs.
Might make it! 25 are up, 25 to go, of which ALL are shopping carted, image-made and all the many new artists have their little info pages finished. Haven't added any of them to the menu, however. Hmph.

Wish3 Vol 4 LEs.
Ordered! Waiting for file transfer options, but I've been assured I'll have 'em in about 2 or 3 weeks.

Stay on top of PA designs.
I am so caught up on this, it's not even funny. :P

Finalize text and layout all pages for VJ (kids book) (Layout, not finished art!)
Oo. Um... well, the text is about 75% finalized. Sort of dropped the ball here.


Finish Brani/Irdunn PA piece - due March 12!
Done! And I whipped out another SD, too!

Order new business cards
Hmm. Well... haven't done this. Did at least design some new ones!

Order from clearbags.com
Hmm! Methinks I should check my list more often. Really need to do this, too.

Order girly shirts in black M, because then I can make them available on the site!
Again! Ergh!

Add bookmark tassels to the site.
Sort of got caught up in the shiny new site instead of doing this... tho' honestly, ALL of those efforts will be SO worth it. It's sort of boggling to realize that 90% of the work I'm used to doing will be automated.

20k words on Jenny/Bjorn. Leave that until mid-March.
*scuffs toes* Um...

Dragoncon and fair booth paperwork, asap on both!
DOne! Haven't heard back from DragonCon, but my new fair booth location rocks cookies.

Not on my list:
Opened Artwanted gallery
Got a gallery show at Gulliver's for the month of October
Purchased adspace in Faerie Magazine, designed ad, and submitted it
1 week sick
3 of the four weeks were with houseguest Matt
Babysat for my sister
and all the daily stuff... orders, various little webfixes, tons and tones of emails...
House stuff: we got the old 'kitchen counter' modified to go in my studio (sawed off some ends, squared it up), cleaned up leaning piles of doooooom.

In all, a good month. Could have done more, particularly on the writing end of things, but I'm not crying.

Have a bit of a headache gnawing at me. :( I might wait until tomorrow to make my April goals.

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