Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Taxes done. We get $2k back, which when looking at how much freaking money we paid them throughout the year, seems paltry. Bastards. Ah, well... they're done! I really must start thinking about setting aside parts of my income, however miniscule, against next year. No day job! No day job! Weeeee!!


They were really very simple - I've been scared of 'em all week for nothing. I've had my business expenses organized for weeks now, just needed to plug the numbers onto the right lines and fill out a few worksheets (No money for you! You don't qualify! No money for you!) and add and subtract. Took me less than 2 hours. I was DREADING a whole-day, brain-eating affair. Pffff...

Now, it is art time... I'm going to do the 8 of swords that I need for the RWH cards, and then it's update EMG time, and then it will be sit on the couch with mindless music or entertainment and cut out more RWH cards... I have about 450 here that are aaaaalmost done, to add to my ~250 total. Man, won't it be nice to be DONE with these!

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