Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Bad Omen...

Not a good sign - only 12 emails in overnight, and only one of those was non-spam. Quite a bit lower than usual... if you emailed me last night, I probably didn't get it!!

Also, I discovered the reason for my creeping sleepies yesterday morning when I went to make lunch and found most of my coffee in the microwave.

Also, I got a server warning today and realized I had a whopping 4.9 GIGS eating up most of my harddisc quota. Heh. Time to clean that off!

Okay, taxes now. Then art. Then update EMG. (One new artist up yesterday! And I did get a handful more set up yesterday, as well as the shopping cart code uploaded and all the images uploaded. I'll get my fifty for the month, you wait and see!!)
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