Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*unhinges jaw yawning*

I'm drinking a Coke. I know, I know, BAD Ellen. But I'm Sooooo tired and drug out. Slept well, don't feel sick, just dragging. Much to catch up with, mostly emails. Also, some PA stuff, and some orders, and some nagging. Which might wait, because I try to nag when I'm not pre-disposed to being bitchy.

Should get some much-needed art time, but first, TAXES. Ugh. I have everything I need, just need to plug all the little numbers in. Shouldn't actually take much time, I have a good head for math and numbers, but it's drudgery no less.

Should go do it all instead of griping about it here. :)

Edit: Also, the new site backend kicks so much ass... I'm SO excited about how awesome the new integrated site will be. One artist login, where they get to control all their contact information and bios (as long as I let them!), and all the submissions in neat tidy order with all these awesome options and OH, the organizational joys don't end. You should see it! But you can't, so I shall only tease you with drooling raves about it.

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