Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Monday! We love mondays!

Whelp! I got a good start on the RWH Tarot today - installed the fonts I needed, updated the template to Photoshop 7, Got 7 cards laid out - and just 36 to go! Unfortunately, I'm missing files for ten of them, I have five 'mystery files' with really unhelpful names, and I don't know what we renamed the Major Arcana. So, I've got a query in to Cindy, and then I can get that finished up this week! Woot!

My inbox is at a very manageable 48 emails, with less than 90 in the while-I-was-on-vacation folder, so that's pretty do-able, too.

I got 2 EMG designs up this morning, and 3 pieces in the PA claim site.

I also got my weekly PA news up, and worked for about an hour on a commissioned piece. Still have to scan Angles sketches! My big hangup there is that none of them are RIGHT yet, but the whole point of posting sketches is so that Catie can say: well, that's close and that's nowhere near close so I need to do that asap.

Now, homemade mac and cheese, more wood in the fireplace, and maybe a quick ruffle of the cat.

This weekend was beyond wonderful... a really, really awesome two days. Windy as heck, and cold again. I got arttime, a little! And even though Stargate wasn't on (have they moved it? This is two weeks in a row that Mutant Xcrap has been on instead!!!) I had an old tape of a favorite episode that I watched instead. Joy!

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