Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Flaky artists are beginning to get on my nerves...

 Now you KNOW I love you all dearly, but I'm looking through my paypal receipts for 2004 and not particularly being impressed with my return on investments and taking chances on small companies and artists here.

I like small press. I will continue to support the reliable small press ventures out there with my purchases. I'll even plug them! Check out Small Beer Press, or Two Cranes Press! Fast service, great products! Sofawolf was awesome!

But if you ever happen to start up a small press business or take commissions, let me tell you how NOT to do business:


I was supposed to get a t-shirt and comic from someplace last July. Guess what I got: nothing! And their webpage is no longer there.

I was supposed to get a comic from another place in 'fall of 2004.' (Yeah, I know this would probably have more IMPACT if I told you who they were, but I've emailed and am giving them a chance to come forward and say, 'gosh I'm sorry! All of our staff underwent brain surgery in the fall and we had to put our projects on hold. Here's your money!' or 'Gosh, we lost your order, let me get this out to you!') What do I get from them? Nada.

I've ordered three or four little commissions that I can barely afford (particularly right about now...). Guess how many I've seen completed... go ahead, guess! NONE!!

Now, I can look at the RWH tarot project and say, okay, there's SOME hypocracy here, but at least I've let those people KNOW what's up... and I've got a standing offer there to refund that money... and if it's not finished by the end of the month, I intend to do exactly that.

Okay, gotta go do taxes.

And no, I'm not looking for grovelling or apologies - I know some of the folks I'm talking about are on my friendslist - see the first line! I just wanted to throw a little temper tantrum, okay? We're all entitled, and I just wanted to gripe and complain and say that it gets harder and harder and harder to continue trusting and supporting and risking every time this happens. No feeling bad, that's not allowed or productive. Just do what you need to do and I bet you ten hundred million dollars that YOU'LL feel better, too. Sometimes we all need kicks in the rear and no one is expecting perfection.

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