Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Frell, frell...

Well color me poor...

The printer I have been more and more and MORE seriously considering buying just got dropped in price by $300 PLUS the amazing special bonus stuff I'd been thinking about anyway - for a limited time I can get EXACTLY what I want for under $2k - shipping's not even that bad and I'd have it in four days and it comes with a TON of paper and ink!! Also, those of you who have been considering a 1280, hold onto your pants - the 1800 is coming out in a month or two, and the price on remaining 1280s will probably plummet. Those of you considering the 2200 - word on the grapevine is that Epson's discontinuing it!!

However - I gotta pay fair booth fees this week. And I just sent out $675 for Dragon*Con. And I have to have enough in reserve to pay folks in June. And I have to buy some stock at least for both the fair and Dragon*Con. And I need plane tickets for me and Jennie to Dragon*Con, and hotel. I need those stupid medium-sized baby tees that they were out of stock on. And another order of bags from clearbags. And advertising! It never rains but it pours!

*figures* *figures more* *fusses and considers and writes down a LOT of numbers, makes six phonecalls and frets about 'wasted time.'*

Okay... I can do this... but barely. And I mean BARELY. I'm depending on the fact that I can get $300 in orders before these purchases are due on my credit card, and that I can't afford some of the advertising I was toying with (Wetcanvas is straight out...). ('Cause I NEVER carry a balance on my cc) So, if you've been thinking about ordering anything, ya know, this would be a mighty fine time for that. Mm-hmm. *big, big, pleading Puss-in-Boots eyes*

Also - I would have prints available up to 24 x 36... :) These will be MORE archival than the prints I currently carry - print quality will be basically the same. In fact, I'll have both kinds of prints available - the 1280 prints will continue at the prices I have listed, and the 4000 pieces will cost a little more... because they cost a little more.

Haven't called in my order, but VERY close to doing so. Shall revisit the idea after lunch and some webwork. Would be VERY nice to finish submissions this week!

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