Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sloggety Slog...

Still going through submissions, still answering emails.

Gaming was fun last night - we're doing Amber again, which I have to admit I love, and I got to ressurect Karleva for the game, so that makes me smile. :)

You know what's depressing? Other than the auction for the 2nd artists proof, I haven't sold a single copy of Dotminatrix. Not one, though several hundred people have seen it. Talk about a blow to the ego. Well, I guess we'll see if any move when it's posted at EMG. I'm not taking it as hard as I could. No time to feel bad about it! Must push on to the next project!

You know what's great? Finding glowing recommendations for my services. You can't BUY advertising like that. I'd be smug, but I don't have time to be smug anymore than I do to feel depressed. And anyway, they cancel out, right?

Erk... something is very, very wrong with the way I'm sitting and I'm getting shooting pains down my legs... Stupid back.
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