Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Much ranting and raving ahead.

I'm going to have to kick somebody's ass. That's really all there is to it.

There is no fucking reason that a bathroom has to be on the same floor as a bedroom. What, can't you walk downstairs to use the facilities? 'Functional Obsolescence' MY SWEET ASS.

I hate banks. I hate loans. I hate debt. I hate regulations. I hate codes. I hate the two-faced, idiotic, short-sighted morons who randomly comes up with regulations that efficient, creative, common sense people have to bend over backwards to meet, making simple, graceful floorplans into a ridiculous, cardboard, unusable, ass-backwards homes with vast areas of unusable space and frivolous, unnecessary expenses that are completely useless.

I hate the fact that THEY DON'T WRITE THIS CRAP DOWN!!! In fact, none of the architects in the office knew about this random damn requirement. None of the engineers knew about this requirement. It's not in any formal building code. The only way you find out that you are required (for a conventional mortgage) to have a bathroom on the same floor as every bedroom, is if you completely design your building, cost estimate, material call-out, complete an application and waste about 160 hours of your life (and order your joists and concrete) and talk to the goddamn bank. It is not in any of the material the bank provides, either.


Okay, having vented: here are our options.

Move the bathroom upstairs. I lose my drafting table space, we each lose half a closet. The plumbing becomes about 3 times as complicated because water now has to be routed upstairs. The downstairs has space where we don't need space. Or we could have two bathrooms, which is, in my opinion, a complete waste of resources in a house this size.

Move the bedroom downstairs. The living room, by necessity, must go upstairs. Which means people have to traipse upstairs to visit in our living room. It also /kills/ that wonderful, completely open kitchen/living space that we had downstairs. The bedroom would be cooler in the summer (a plus).

Build unconventional. Which invites the following options:

Be unable to get a mortgage when the construction loan expires and lose our house to the bank. Definitely not a palatable option.

Get a non-conventional loan from Mt McKinley bank. This is the ONLY bank that will do non-conventional loans (bastards), and the interest will be high.

Any way we do it, it is more expensive than we thought, and I will not be able to go back to part-time at work and part-time on my business. EMG will have to continue to be shoved into weekends and evenings for another two years. I will not be able to pursue illustration during this time.

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