Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

End of the Month Review

I suppose I can do my end-of-the-month review now that the rest of my day is shot cleaning up the PA site... won't get any writing or art time today, most likely, and if I do, it will be RWH art for a today kind of deadline.

Writing: *crashandburnsound* 29174/50k

Art: Started painting Atlantis, finished and sold Autumn, finished and entered the Faerie festival flyer, finished and published Dotminatrix.

House: Sink now drains, many cosmetic finishes, hanging pegs for coats, pantry in the kitchen.

EMG: 44 entries up. Custom cards removed. Several new artists added. Few dozen orders filled.

PA: Press releases didn't do as well as I wanted them to, but it wasn't a failure as a campaign. Many new designs up, handful of adoptions and new artists. Activity at the forum tends to flag if I don't poke it regularly.

Other: Nearly 2 seasons of B5 watched. Lots of husband and cat time, as I have taken EVERY weekend off, and two of them were three-day weekends.

*deletes spam*

At the beginning of the month, I was floundering BIG time, had no schedule or discipline. I've gotten most of that ironed out now - the whiteboard is my savior! I only wish I'd gotten organized faster, because I feel like I wasted a lot of my 18 working days this month... Writing suffered the worst, I think, so I ended up with a huge defficit early, and then got too scared to try to catch up until it was pretty late in the game. That's a sure recipe for failure. I'm not real happy with what I did end up writing, but I'm not horribly displeased, either. It's certainly salvageable, and I think that I will take a short break from it (this week) and pick it back up next week. This week's writing will be a kids book I've been wanting to work on - the text is largely done, but needs some stanzas rearranged and the illustrations laid out. Should be a welcome change from this baffling, huge novel attempt. Of course, it is again something I've never done, so I'm going to try not to be so ridiculously ambitious with it.

*deletes more spam*

EMG plugs along. Print services continue to carry it in the off-seasons, but PA is doing okay, too... it's nice to see that the higher ticket adoptions are going most reliably. I honestly expected the $10 and $20 adoptions to be the bulk of sales because people are cheap, as a rule, but people actually seem to want the big-ticket, high-quality items. Go them. I've only got four or five more pieces from my previous EMG queue to put up (Edit: QUEUE IS UP! Except for files I'm waiting on...), so that's rather nice to get out of the way. Now, I get to start in on the new pieces from this submission period... there is a ton of really amazing work that I'm looking forward to posting, and it was very hard and sad to turn away some of it. This week, I hope to get through the rest of submissions and finish contracting everyone.

*deletes more spam*

Artwise, I feel more fulfilled than I have in months. No, I don't have anything earthshattering to show, but at least I GET the time regularly enough. Mostly on my weekends off... and they FEEL like weekends off. Art is fun. Yay!

*deletes more spam*

Next entry: plans for March.

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