Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Today: TAXES.


Also, writing and submissions and hopefully at least ONE EMG piece up. Thanks to Liiga, there are some new PA pieces up!

I got my whiteboard! I would have used chalkboard paint like umm... Ciri? suggested, but our walls are still uncovered and are squishy plastic. So I went looking for the melamine that... um... Boogarshadow? suggested. Which I found! And thought ha ha! But it was sort of thick, so I snooped around for something thinner, and in the next cube down was marker board! Thin, 2 x 4 sheets, made exactly for dry erase! In exactly the size I wanted! I bought two. One for EMG, one for the rest of my notes. They cost less than $7 apiece, and I ended up spending more on the markers - I got a spiffy fine color pack of 12 at Office Max for $19. I will be ORGANIZED. Maybe.

Gaming was fun.

Now I'm just procrastinating...


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